St. Patrick’s Church, Moate

Originally the church was to be dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul and the foundation stone was laid on 27th October, 1861. However, the building was not proceeded with. Local tradition said the administrator and the architect john Bourke of Dublin disagreed on the plans.

About the end of 1866, Father Sheridan was replaced by Father Patrick Kearney who was appointed Parish Priest of Moate and Caulry from the staff of Saint Mel’s College. He was the first Parish Priest of Moate. His appointment created not a little surprise in the diocese but it soon become clear that he was sent to Moate to build the new parish church. Within a year the work was begun.The material used was local sandstone from Knockdomny townland where it was unearthed at the laying down of the railway line in 1852. Much of the labour was voluntary, especially in the use of horses and carts. The side aisles in the original plans were omitted and a much higher and more graceful spire added. The new church of Saint Patrick was solemnly dedicated in October 1871. Cardinal Cullen presided.

Even so, the building was in debt when completed so that Canon Kearney undertook a journey to the U.S.A. where he managed to collect funds to clear the debt. In October 1913 Canon Langan was succeeded as Priest of Moate and Caulry and in year 1923 he carried out extensive renovation to Saint’s Patrick’s Church. Old wood alter steps, the pulpit and the double set of communion rails were replaced with marble, except of course, the second set of communion rails which were discarded. Italian mosaics were laid down in the sanctuary and the whole church elaborately painted and decorated. An improved heating system was installed and soon afterwards electric lighting replaced the smokey oil lamps.


St.Ciaran’s Church,Castledaly

Built in 1875 this limestone construction has nave with flanking side aisle. Due to lack of finance only the nave was completed in 1870’s. However, the church was only finally finished with the building of the side aisles in the 1940’s under the
supervision of Fr. McGowan.

There is statue of St. Ciaran over the main door church. The date over the church door reads St. Kieran’s Church A.D 1875. P Kearnay P.P. 

It is located four mile south west of Moate. It is                                                           situated across the road from Kilcleagh N.S.


Corpus Christi Church in Mount Temple

This Roman Catholic Church was built in 1932, on the same site of an earlier church. Up on till the 1950’s there were two churches in the village:
Corpus Christi and Holy Trinity Church located approximately one hundred meters away. Holy Trinity – Church of Ireland placed on the site of the old cemetery was succumbed later to Ireland’s controversial pre-1977 property tax.
Modeled and build in the Romanesque style of St. Teresa’s Church in Avila, Spain Corpus Christi Church was officially dedicated on Sunday 23 July 1933. Cardinal McRory presided and blessed the church at its consecration.
The Corpus Christi name comes The Eucharistic Congress, held in Ireland in year 1932. The building plan of the church was blessed by Pope Pius XI and presented to Monsignor Langan – the Parish Priest. It included a rich mosaic crucifix and a jewelled monstrance for use in the new church. The original marble altar rails were donated by Archbishop Curley, Monsignor Langan and Count John McCormack. The project was under supervision of McNamara & Sons architects from Dublin and the main builder contractor was S. Phillips, Drumcondra.